Why know Why know

Why know your numbers?

Participating in our health screening events provides an opportunity for you to know your numbers in key health areas, painting a picture of your overall health and helping to highlight possible at risk areas needing improvement.

When reviewing your biometric numbers, it is important to look at the big picture and notice any trends or outliers in your results. Take a few minutes to understand what each test is measuring and how they may be interrelated. For example, an elevated heart rate combined with elevated blood pressure and total cholesterol is likely more significant than an elevated heart rate alone.

Consider if any findings from this screening may warrant a discussion with your primary care doctor.

What may be measured?

What may be measured

How it works

The on-site biometric screening is a complimentary benefit provided by your employer and shouldn't take more than 15 minutes from your day. You will work with one Screener to have all your tests completed. Results will be entered into an iPad in real time to be uploaded directly to your wellness site, and a hardcopy scorecard will be filled out with your results so you have something to take with you from the event. No scores are ever said out loud and your privacy is our top concern.

After the testing is complete you'll immediately have the opportunity of speaking with a Program Concierge to review your results. This private, one-on-one session is a chance to look at your current health, ask any questions you may have, and learn about challenges and Coaching Programs offered within your program you may find beneficial.

Once you have completed an onsite event, your results will be immediately loaded into your profile. You can find them under the 'My Results' tab 15 minutes after your screening is complete.